Volunteer an entire day at Miss Amazing and play an integral role in the event's success. As a Miss Amazing pageant buddy, you'll be paired up with a participant and escort her through the day’s events such as Interview, Passion Presentation, and wardrobe changes. In being her official Miss Amazing guide and support system, you will form a rewarding relationship that could last for years to come.

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If you are able to dedicate your time for part of the event, we will most likely count on you for behind-the-scenes work and activity preparations. This may include taking tickets, serving dinner, checking in our participants, or selling t-shirts. You will not be paired with a participant, but you will still be an integral part of their experience. As a half-day volunteer, you will have the opportunity to gain a wider view of what the Miss Amazing pageant is accomplishing and contribute to the overall experience by helping with necessary tasks. Admission to the event will be free of charge for all of our volunteers.

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Calling all helpful and supportive gentlemen! The objective of the Right-Hand Man program is to give boys and men with and without disabilities the opportunity to take centerstage as a volunteer at the Miss Amazing Pageant. Right-Hand Men are responsible for accompanying and supporting the participants as they present themselves onstage in their evening wear.

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