Preteen - Leighann

Hobbies: Music, Piano, Dance, Horse Therapy, Singing and Writing Songs, Playing with Dogs and Cats, and Art

Ambitions: Leighann wants to be a Veterinarian and to be active in music


Jr. Teen - Carlynn

Hobbies: Swimming on the Special Olympics team and playing Just Dance games on the X-Box

Ambitions: Carlynn wants to finish high school and decide on a career path that is rewarding and fulfilling


Teen - Kayla

Hobbies: Art, Listening to Music, Photography, Working with Make-Up, and Working with her Therapy Dog

Ambitions: Kayla wants to become a Vet-tech to help care for animals and wants to be an animal trainer to help provide assistance to other disabled individuals

Jr. Miss - Katie

Hobbies: Writing Plays, Screenplays, Short Stories, and Poetry as well as Baking, Volunteering, and Photography

Ambitions: Katie aspires to become a well-known special needs writer for the theater and film industry, as well as a motivational speaker


Miss - Lezlie

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, and Coloring

Ambitions: Lezlie wants to continue working at a job and helping people

Photos: A Squared Photography