Arkansas Miss Amazing is a point of light with statewide impact.

Our Story

Our State Director, Maddie Stinson started as a buddy for the Missouri Miss Amazing Pageant in 2015. After making amazing friendships and seeing the joy that Miss Amazing brings to everyone, she was hooked. She traveled all over just to help at these pageants, and this year decided to take her love to the next level. 

She has also always had a special place in her heart for Arkansas, calling the Hogs since she was able to talk. So, why not combine the two and bring Miss Amazing to Arkansas?

Since our first year's event, we have grown exponentially, and we can't wait to see how we grow even more this year! We have gotten to meet the most amazing women and we truly are all a family. We want you to be a part of the 2019 Arkansas Miss Amazing family!



We offer a chance for women from different walks of life to learn from each other and develop a valuable support system.


We provide opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to test their boundaries and take on new challenges.


We provide a public platform for girls and women with disabilities to define themselves on their own terms and dispel stereotypes. 



  • More than 2000 girls and women with disabilities have participated in Miss Amazing programs nationwide.

  • Upwards of 10,000 pounds of canned and boxed food items have been donated to local pantries across the country.

  • Miss Amazing has reached global audiences through features produced by BBC, Today Show, the Meredith Vieira Show, MSNBC, Vice Magazine, Yahoo! Beauty, and more.